[How to] 5 ways to Recover Lost Account Password in Windows


Protecting your computer with password is the best solution for protecting your files especially when you’re on shared PC. Sometimes there are cases of user forgetting their user password and cannot access their profile. If this happen there are solutions that you can choose to recover Windows password.

Please don’t use this tutorial for accessing someone’s profile illegally and only do this if you’re on your own computer and forgot your password.

1st Method:

When installing Windows, administrator account is created automatically with blanks password. If you do not remember the password or the administrator password, you can use this step.

1. Wait for your Windows to start up and by the time you see the Welcome Screen, press Crtl+Alt+Del (twice).
2. In the Classic Log In Box type Administrator in username field and leave the password field blanks. Press Enter.
3. User Profile Password can be reset in the Control Panel -> User Accounts
4. Using Safe mode can also enable Administrator account in login screen.

2nd Method:

Recovering password for Windows XP and later version can also be done using Reset Disk. If you have a Password Reset Disk, you can easily recover your lost password by following the step below.

Create & use a password reset disk for a computer in Windows XP
Log On to Windows XP If You Forget Your Password or Your Password Expires

3rd Method:

In Windows XP, there’s a loophole for recovering password while repairing Windows Installation. Use this step if the above solution doesn’t work.

1. Boot Windows XP using installation disk and follow the step and instruction given.
2. Choose to repair your Windows Installation not installing a new copy.
3. Let Windows repair runs and after copying files it will restart.
4. Hold your finger from pressing any key if displayed Press any key to continue… and let the setup resume itself.
5. Look carefully at the displayed details and when it shows Installing device, press Shift+F10 quickly.
6. A command prompt Windows will appear and in that type nusrmgr.cpl and Enter
7. You’ll see User Account windows which let you remove or reset Windows Account password like always.

4th Method:

Check out list of bootable rescue disk CD below for more

5th Method:

If all the recommended solution above fails, just install a new fresh copy of Windows on your computer. Recovering the lost data with Data Recovery Tools may help you get back the data lost in previous installation but the chances are low.

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