How to Create Partition or New Drive in Windows Vista


Unlike Windows XP, Windows Vista comes with built-in tool to help you creating partition on your hard drive on the fly. This feature comes handy especially to those who like to have better management of their enormous hard drive or perhaps to those who love to dedicate new partition for additional operating system like Ubuntu or even to test drive Windows 7 Beta (see tutorial how to create a partition on Windows 7).

Step-By-Step on How to Create New Partition in Windows Vista

1. Right click on My Computer > Manage. Double click on “Storage” > “Disk Management (Local)

2. You should see something like in the screenshot below.

3. Right click on logical drive or any active drive and choose “Shrink Volume…“. Specify the size of space (in MB) for your new partition from the chosen drive.

4. For the sake of this how-to tutorial, I allocate 2 GB of space for the new partition(s). Right click on the free space created from the previous step and choose “New Simple Volume…“.

5. Click “Next” when a popup shows up. Specify the space size of the new partition.

6. Assign drive letter for your new partition.

7. By default, you will be asked to format the new partition. You don’t have to change anything on this page unless you want to rename the new partition to, for example, “Local Disk” instead of “New Volume”. Just click “Next” and click “Finish”.

8. It will take while to complete formatting the new partition, depending on how big the new partition is.

Ok, now you are done (no need to restart etc). You can even use the new partition to store your movies and songs (virtually everything) right away!

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