How to install third party Windows 7 theme


Custom Windows 7 theme is not available in default to make change in Windows 7 theme which can change Windows Explorer, Windows Taskbar, Windows Start Orb etc. Trying to install third party Windows 7 Theme has to be done after patching Windows 7 system tools such as UxThemeand universal Patcher for the full customization of Windows 7 Theme to take effect.

This tutorial below is how to patch Windows 7 System file before installing new custom or third party Windows 7 Theme.

How to Patch Windows 7 System File with Universal Theme Patcher

1. Download the latest Universal Theme Patcher.

2. Select which system bit used in Windows 7 (32/64 bit).

3. Run the program and a window will appear telling how many files need to be patched.

4. Click Patch and let the program patch Windows system file.

5. Restart the Windows for the effect to take place.

What the patched file do is it allow Windows 7 Theme to be customize by various effect like custom Windows Explorer, Taskbar, Icons, Aero style etc. from the third party Windows 7 Theme.

There is also Windows Theme Installer which is portable and let you easily apply third party Windows 7 in computer.

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