How to make multiple calls in Gmail


Gmail is going through constant innovation where we can see a lot of new features and improvements since it’s first introduced. Gmail is not only a mere email service but has expanded its communication abilities by incorporating video and voice calls. After the voice and video call was introduced, Gmail only allows only 1 call possible at one time.

Recently, Gmail has taken the voice and video call feature 1 step further by allowing users to make and receive multiple calls in Gmail. If you are already on the phone, you can make a second one. When you make the second call, the first call will be put on hold. Switching between these 2 calls is easy; you just need to press the “Resume” button which will render the previous call on hold.

Likewise, when you have another incoming call while you are on the phone, you will be notified through a notification where you can choose to reject or accept it. When new call is answered the previous call will be automatically put on hold.

Even though you are having a second call, you can always put the current conversation on hold by pressing the “Hold” button and when you are ready to resume your conversation, you can always press the “Resume” button again.

This new interesting feature works like a charm on all types of call (voice, phone and video). The small downside of this feature is when a small restriction is put on making calls to physical phones where you can maximum 2 simultaneous calls simultaneously.

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