How to save file in PDF format in Microsoft Office 2010


Microsoft Office 2010 comes with a lot of new features that make documentation much easier. One of the features is to allow us to save document files as a PDF file without the need of any add-in. The best thing about having documents saved in PDF format is it can be opened in other computer that has not Microsoft installed.

It’s easy to get your docs saved as PDF, just follow through the step-by-step guide. Please note, in this guide I’m using Microsoft Excel but it applies the same on other programs within Microsoft Office 2010 such as Word, Visio, OneNote, InfoPath, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher.

1. Assuming your Microsoft Excel is already opened, go to File tab at top left corner and click one the “save as” menu

2. Select PDF format from the drop down menu, and hit the save button.

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