How to send Word or Excel document as plain text to OneNote


It is only always a great feature if when we can data that we gather in one application to be transported to other piece of application seamlessly. Microsoft has visioned this feature and has realized it in its popular and well known office software; Office 2010. In Microsoft Office 2010, you can essentially transfer content from your Word document to OneNote 2010 file effortlessly.

This is definitely a nice feature but lacks of the ability to really further editing the content transferred from Word document in OneNote. The feature called “Send to OneNote” cannot be edited because the data is sent in print-out format. Obviously you can edit the print-out data.

Bring to OneNote” does exactly the same job “Send to OneNote” does but only better. “Bring to OneNote” is actually a useful add-in that can be used not only on Word document but also Excel document. The data transferred from both Word and Excel will be available as plain text on OneNote application.

In order to use “Bring to OneNote” you need to download it from the link at the bottom of this post. After successfully installing the item, you can see it under the “View tab”. When you click this option, you are required to specify the OneNote where it needs to be sent to.

The content transferred will be available on OneNote when you click the OK button and it is editable inside OneNote. This add-in is great and quick alternative to the old fashion way of “copying and pasting” content to OneNote.

Download link: Bring to OneNote

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