How to speed up your computer on Windows 7 and Vista by using USB drive


Windows 7 OS offers a lot of interesting features including an option to improve its system processing memory (speed up the system) by just using any USB drive. In fact this feature is also available in the previous OS, Vista. How does a USB drive can speed up the system I hear your ask. Basically the free space available on your pen drive, can be used as an additional virtual cache memory which in turn increase the system cache memory of your PC. Please note, this method does not increase the capacity of physical RAM but it helps in speeding up your PC.

How to speed up your computer by using USB drive?

1. Plug in your USB drive to your PC and you should see an autoplay popup as picture below. You can then choose the “Speed up my system using Windows Readyboost”.

2. If the autoplay doesn’t work, don’t panic. You can still access the feature manually. Browse in your “Computer” and locate your USB drive. Right click on the USB drive and select “properties” and click the “ReadyBoost” tab.

3. Just select “Use this device” and set the amount of space you want to dedicate for the virtual cache. Windows will then create what is called a paging file on the disk which allows faster access. Please note, this only works with SD cards and USB 2.0 devices. Now your USB drive has been successfully configured such that your system can work faster.

That’s it.

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