HTC Desire HD Review


The HTC Desire HD continues the HTC tradition of big 4.3-inch screens and in addition has got the Sense user interface upgraded with a plethora of features. Though it has a big screen, it is really a slim phone with the dimensions being 68mm x 123mm x 11.8mm. The four backlit, touch sensitive buttons at the bottom are great but if they had been physical keys, they would be much more easier to use.

The battery cover is below the volume switch and as you remove the cover the battery falls off. There is nothing else holding it. The microSD card and the SIM slots are at the bottom of the phone for which you have to remove another cover.

The upgraded Sense user interface is phenomenal in its performance running on Android 2.2 operating system. It offers a number of new widgets and a wide variety of home screens to choose from. The responsiveness of the screen is awesome and it does not seem to slow down even with multiple tasks running simultaneously.

You can open the notifications bar by running your finger down the screen. The super feature here is that it shows your recently accessed icons allowing you immediate repeat access. Even when you are synchronizing multiple accounts and with a few background tasks running, the performance does not slow down and that is why this interface is truly phenomenal.

The Internet browsing experience on the HTC Desire HD is also great with the Android operating system and the big screen. It supports Flash so video content can also be viewed. However, the video player left a lot to be desired. While using Youtube the audio synchronization is poor and the overall experience is not good. You can open multiple web pages and it is easy to share a page with your friend using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, SMS or Bluetooth. is their portal that facilitates remote control of your phone. At the first instance, it might seem that these are measures to be taken if your phone is stolen. You can forward your calls and messages to another number, you can override the vibration setting and make the phone ring out loud, send a message to your phone or lock it, erase all data, and such other things. However it was difficult to connect to the problem due to various connectivity issues.

HTC Desire HD (Video)

Overall, the HTC Desire HD offers a phenomenal interface and a great internet browsing experience. However the battery life is poor, the video player needs some tinkering and they also need to sort out the connectivity issues with their portal.

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