IMAPSize: Perform Incremental Backup of Gmail


Many were stunned by all of sudden lost of mails from Gmail which caught many off guard. If you are using Gmail for your business, this kind of issue will definitely can devastate your daily operation and in the long run. Lucky in the last incident, all data lost were recovered successfully by Gmail team.

As a precautionary measure, all emails that are stored inside Gmail must be backup and here where IMAPSize comes handy. IMAPSize is a free tool for Windows platform that helps you to manage your Gmail account efficiently and at the same time to perform incremental backup. You might be confused this with another email client, but it is not. That being said, it lets you do a lot of actions on any IMAP enabled accounts or Gmail account.

The incremental backup (anything that has been backed up will not be backed up again) can be done for the whole account or from any particular label while maintaining folder structure.

Feature of IMAPSize backup is accessible via the Account-> Account Backup menu. From here you can specify the folders to be backed up. The best part of this feature is it can restore the backup to another email account. This freeware is more of a managing tool for any IMAP supported email service or Gmail which is equipped with a lot of features.

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