Modify Folder and File Permission for User with NTFS Permissions Tool


Starting from Windows Vista, Windows user (non-administrator) has no access to change, modify or delete system files on Windows. The features also has been brought forward to the latest editions of Windows Operating System. User who has no administrative level permission can also modify, change or delete Windows system files by using a software called NTFS Permission Tool. This freeware can allow permission to change any files or folder and change files ownership so it can be modified.

Choose from any of the available folder and files in hard drives and modify the permission of the user so it can be modified by you. When double clicked on the required file or folder, the advanced setting will give you various options on file or folder permission.

Back up the permission so it can be used in other available folder or files in your drives. Original folder and file access permission can also be stored to its original setting via this software. NTFS Permission Tool is the best solution if you’re trying to change ownership and permission of folder and files without having to have to go through a lot of works in Windows Explorer.

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