Next iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will have a dual core graphics chip [Rumor]


iPad 2 will be launched soon and iPhone 5 will follow suit. With the most popular tablet and smart phone will hit the market in 2011, rumors about both idevices are gaining momentum. The next generation of the iPad and iPhone are said to sport a new replacement for Apple’s A4 chip with a dual-core graphics processing unit that will definitely allow higher resolutions on both iPad 2 and iPhone 5 and support for HD video playback (1080p).

The rumored chip in question is said to be a dual-core SGX543 GPU from Imagination Technologies that will most likely be coupled with a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU. With both technologies work hand in hand it will turn iPad 2 into a powerhouse that’s more than capable of playing HD video. This rumor is consistent with another rumor that claims the iPad 2 will have a much higher resolution screen than its predecessor.

As far as the iPhone 5 is concerned, recent buzz claimed that iPhone 5 will be totally redesigned and will be powered with a new multi-core CPU, Kinsus IC Substrate and a Qualcomm Baseband.

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