Patch Windows 7 theme with Se7en theme Source Patcher


Se7en Theme Source Patcher is a standalone freeware that allows us to easily customize Windows 7 theme. Se7en Theme Source Patcher that is compatible only with Windows 7 system has over 85 patched files along with more than 360 resources including modded icons, images and cursors. Modifications can include icons, side panel, bitmaps, task manager colors, cursors, logon screen, visual style, fonts, sounds, copy animation colors and Start button. Just in case something goes wrong, Se7en Theme Source Patcher includes option to create a restore point on Windows 7 as well as so you can easily back up the original (current) Windows 7 system files.

Se7en Theme Source Patcher features

  • Explorer.exe – Whether or not to patch Explorer.exe
  • Restore – Restores the patched files. Creates a Restore Point every time you patch your system (can be disabled)
  • Cursors – Animated cursor
  • Restore File Ownership – The Patcher will save the file ownerships of that file
  • Side Panel – You can select weather the Side Panel should be patched or not, and you can also select a custom file
  • Logon Screen – You can select a custom file
  • Debug log – This is useful for pack creators, to debug resfiles
  • Clean Icon Cache – You can manually clean the icon and thumbnail cache to refresh these

About The Author

The author is the founder of He was brought up and is currently living in a small town at the northernmost of Malaysia.