Recover missing files in your USB storage with USB Hidden Folder Fix


If you’re on shared PC or has plugged your USB storage device in many computers, your USB storage device might be vulnerable to various malicious threats from infected computers. One of the annoying problems caused by viruses and malware that has infected your USB storage device is your folder location in the USB drive is now completely missing and you have no access to any available files in it.

USB Hidden Folder Fix can find the “missing” files for you. The files is not entirely missing because the attribute of each infected files are changed to “system”. USB Hidden Folder Fix will retrieve the files that you are unable to find via normal search as hidden file. This freeware will show you all the hidden files available in your USB storage.

If you try to find the files that you knew are there but can’t find it in your USB storage, just select the device in USB Hidden Folder Fix and check the unhide option. This will let you view available files that has been altered by viruses of their attributes.

This is a freeware and on top of that it is portable. You can use them anywhere you want without having to install it.

Download link: USB Hidden Folder Fix

Updated on January 2012: Link is updated with a new live URL
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