Recover text from corrupt Open Office and MS Office files


It’s a very frustrating moment after you have been writing for the last couple of hours on Microsoft Office word is lost for no apparent reason. Crash could happen in between saving points when are spending long hours on Microsoft Office Word and the corrupt file can goes to the extend it is damaged beyond repair. This is the point where auto save feature can’t even save your hard work.

Corrupt office2txt is such a useful application that can save your previous work by recovering the texts that involved in the unfortunate event.

It works by extracting the text from damaged Open Office files 2.X, 3.X and Microsoft Office covering wide range of extensions such as .doc, xls, docx, ppt, xlsx, odt, pptx, ods and odp. Its functions could extend to the template and macro with the extensions such as dot, xlt and pps.

It may succeed at doing so where MS Office Open Office itself fails to salvage text. It can also attempt to recover formatting in the form of a full Open Office file with a regular, odt, ods or odp extension. At this time unfortunately there is no facility for recovering anything but basic formatting for MS Office files through the previously mentioned text extractions. This program can be used as a viewer of text within healthy MS Office and Open Office files without having Open Office installed.

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