Run Multiple Versions of Internet Explorer with IE Collection


Normal computer users may not even consider to use multiple versions of Internet Explorer but for those who are developing websites (especially related to XHTML and CSS) know very well, they need to cross check their design in the latest version of Internet Explorer and of course, in the older versions of IE, further back to IE 5.5. Microsoft doesn’t allow multiple versions of Internet Explorer running on the same machine, so it would be troublesome to designers who would like switch back and forth to different IE versions.

Internet Explorer Collection comes handy to web developer because it allows you to install multiple instances of Internet Explorer right from Internet Explorer 1.0 to Internet Explorer 8 RC1. You can choose what version you want to install or you can even install every single version of Internet Explorer all together.

However please note that even though this application is compatible with Windows Vista, not all versions of Internet Explorer are compatible with different Windows OS. To make sure what IEs are compatible with your current Windows OS, you can check the compatibility chart before you start installing.

Judging from the latest version of IE (IE 8 RC1) included in the application we can safely say that it is updated regularly. If you think of downloading it, below is the download link

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