Top / Best FREE VPN services [March 2012]

March 2012 update:
Removal: LogMeIn Hamach service is removed because it is no longer available for free.
Because free VPN service goes out of business frequently, this post will be updated from time to time along with new FREE VPN service that I may find later. Please let me know through comment if there is broken link.

Top/Best FREE VPN (Virtual Private Network) services

1. PacketiX.NET

PacketiX.NET is a non-profit environment for Premium VPN service (PacketiX VPN) based in Japan. With VPN, you can create can create remote connection to your home network or private Virtual VPN Hub at different sites.

PacketiX.NET VPN service encrypts data packet through SSL. By using PacketiX.NET, you can easily create a Virtual Hub.

2. OpenVPN (Free for first 100MB – March 2012) is secured using SSL/TLS facilities thus is able to provide complete privacy and the best security browsing. Please note, OpenVPN will not work on smartphones or devices such as iPad and iPhone. OpenVPN supports Windows and Mac.

3. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield protects and hides your online presence by securing through HTTPS encryption your web session, online shopping, personal information and data.

Hotspot Shield supports Mac and Windows OS.

4. Gpass Free VPN

GPass is another free VPN service that encrypts your online communication (data), conceals your IP address, capable of bypassing content blocking and filtering through several secure channels. GPass VPN service supports browser integration, multimedia players, instant messengers, email and even download managers.

GPass is available for free in selected countries and it’s strictly for personal use.

5. ProXPN

ProXPN is a wonderful free VPN client service that can secure your online activities by encrypting which internet connection between internet and your PC. Through this connection, no records of your activity are saved.

ProXPN is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7, Mac OSX. More importantly, this connection can also be used on smart devices such as iPhone, Windows Mobile and iPod Touch.

6. Loki Network Project

Loki Network Project is free VPN service secured through SSL certificate. Via this free VPN service you fully secure your email, FTP, HTTP passwords and web-sites visited as well as allows you to bypass certain Internet limitations.


Hot Free VPN is another great VPN service that give you a solution to get around the unblocked websites and ath the same time, secure your internet access. With Hot Free VPN, you can achieve up to 1Mbit/s upload speed and 2Mbit/s download speed.

The internet speed provided by this free VPN service is superb and the only downside of this VPN service is that the password changes every 12 hours. So you must get a new one from the website.

8. Securitykiss Tunnel

SecurityKISS secure you internet activities by redirecting all your online data via a very secured tunnel to securitykiss security gateway.

9. Expatshield

Expat Shield is a Free VPN service based in the UK. Expat Shield hides your secures your web session, hides IP address, bypass firewalls ensure personal information is safely encrypted.

10. VPN Reactor

VPNReactor exchanges your ISP assigned IP number to the anonymous IP number. Thus, you get an encrypted, non-traceable connection between the internet and your PC.

11. Invisible Browsing VPN (ibVPN)

Invisible Browsing VPN or also known as ibVPN provides its users chances to receive Premium VPN accounts for FREE.

12. Your Free VPN

YourFreeVPN offers a totally FREE internet privacy service using OpenVPN.

New Addition [January 2012]

13. TorVPN

TorVPN is one of the newest VPN services. It works great for us by bypassing content filters thus allowing anonymous browsing. Not only that you can secure your VOIP communications or having a secured remote access to your office or home workstation.

The limitation of TorVPN is has 1GB bandwidth and works smartphones and tablets such as iPad and iPhone.

14. Your Freedom

Your-Freedom grants you accessibility to what normally appear unaccessible to us. Rest assured your track will be covered completely so that nobody knows about your presence. The usage is free up to 6 hours a day or 15 hours a week. Your-Freedom supports Windows, Linux and Mac.

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