UndeleteSMS: Recover deleted texts From iPhone


It’s not hard to delete important SMS in your iPhone by mistake and this is definitely your worse nightmare when your are not having the backup and could not retrieve the data back. You can take a good relief if this thing happens for real because there is a small application that can reverse the mistake.

Don’t get excited too soon. UndeleteSMS, a small application that is responsible to resurrect the missing SMS (texts), is actually a new jailbreak tweak. So you can’t find this application through App Store. UndeleteSMS just made its debut several hours ago in Cydia.

Basically, UndeleteSMS will go through the Spotlight history and your SMS database to find the deleted data before get them recovered. The successfully recovered messages will be shown in plain text format, so you can save them in a note or even forward to your email.

It’s worth to note that not all data are guaranteed can be saved. The deleted data will be saved on the device itself. As long as there is no new deleted data come in, it will stay. When there is new deleted data come in, the old ones will get deleted for good from the device, thus unrecoverable.

UndeleteSMS (BigBoss repository) is currently available for $6.99 through Cydia store.

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