Vista Start Menu for greater start menu accessibility on Windows Vista & Windows 7


My first impression when I saw Windows Vista start menu was that the Vista improved start menu interface is way better than in Windows XP. A click or a brief hover over the “All Programs” after clicking on the start menu button, will trigger the menu to open where we can scroll up and down the menu in order to to access a program. This feature really cool if you have few programs installed but when the number grow in size, I prefer to use old Windows XP start menu interface.

Couple of days ago a marketing assistant of ask me if I can take a peek on the the software and write up a short review. I visited the demo link given. It looks very enticing that I replied without a second thought, confirming that I was going to write the review.

Basically Vista Start Menu is a convenient alternative to the traditional Windows Start menu. Vista Start Menu which use our cognitive abilities to recognize images & memorize locations, is an effective solution for Windows users. It enables you to access any necessary program folder or a file in one-two clicks, giving you an opportunity to work several times faster.

With a couple of keystrokes you can start a program or open a document in no time, without the need to take your hands off the keyboard. Magnifying (zoom in & zoom out) feature allows people with poor eyesight to work with comfort and helps those with large monitors. Don’t worry if you have many programs, they will all fit onto the screen because you will be able to stretch the Start menu and resize it any way you like.

Compatible Windows

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Vista Start Menu also supports tabs and each menu item can contain any number of them. Those who use the PRO version will also be able to use the features of one-click launch and quick uninstall. Give it a try and yup, it really delivers!

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