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As a web designer, I always make a habit of visiting websites that have professional look to gain idea and inspiration. I’m currently developing an e-commerce site for my custom-made products and obviously I visit on several similar e-commerce sites. When it comes to web design, there are several aspects of web design that contribute towards the definition of clean and professional web design.

Typography is one of many design elements that looks trivial but can make a huge difference when it is put together with the right color scheme and other design elements. I always have great passion of what fonts used on certain websites but it’s actually hard to actually identify precisely what font used in a particular website.

One way I use to identify font used in a website is by inspecting the CSS file of the website. This is quite tedious work and it doesn’t usually give me the result. That is possible if you have knowledge about CSS. You may use a plugin such as Fire Bug, but still it’s a complicated one.

A better way of identifying font type used in WhatFont Tool. WhatFont Tool is a simple bookmarklet which make font identification dead easy.

How to use WhatFont Tool?

What you need to do is only drag and drop the bookmarklet onto your browser bookmarks bar and walla! the font type is identified :)

How to use WhatFont Tool

WhatFont Tool not only tells you the font-family but also the CSS property associated to the text. After finishing your job, you can exit the WhatFont mode from your browser.

The bookmarklet has full support for Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. It’s also available as a plugin in Google Chrome browser. If you are interested in knowing what type of font used on a webpage you will find WhatFont Tool as handy especially if you a web developer.

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