Windows 7 Transformation Pack for Windows XP


We hear a lot of improvements are being brought into Windows 7 and I’m sure many Windows enthusiasts envy and would love to try it out. The fact that it is still Beta stage seems to be the perfect reason why many haven’t tried Windows 7. In fact, even if it is officially out in the market, some people prefer to stick to their old OS because they just get used to it and not planning to try new Windows successor. If you are a Windows XP user and would like to have the looks of Windows 7 on your XP, then you may find Seven Remix XP is a really godsend.

Seven Remix XP is an application that is specifically designed to transform the GUI of Windows XP to Windows 7. Basically the installer will replace some of files in your Windows XP like images, icons and animations so that your Windows XP will have the feel of Windows 7.

This installer is designed to work on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows Media Center Edition
  • Windows XP Tablet

The installation will take care of the files substitution or any necessary changes, you just sit back and relax. If you later change your mind and want to remove it from your Windows XP, the uninstallation is only few clicks away.

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